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  • Fit Tuesday: 5 Not-So Obvious Gym Mistakes Preventing Your Progress

You might be new to the gym and you often get the feeling that you want to fit in with the rest. It is totally natural to feel that way but the most important thing is to make the most out of the time you spend there. 

There are some common but not so obvious mistakes people make at the gym that you should be mindful of if you need to see progress. Here are 6 of those mistakes:

Lifting too heavy too soon

You can easily get caught up in the frenzy of lifting heavy yet your body is not ready for that amount of stress. Doing too much can cause your muscle development to slow down as your muscles may become catabolic this causing your body to use the little muscle you’ve got. It is important to note that results won’t come in a couple of weeks of killing yourself at the gym.

Not making or making improper plans

It is important to know that not every exercise works for everyone. Know your body type and set plans and goals based on that. It will not only help you progress but you will also avoid wasting too much time in the gym.

Spending too much time at the gym

Many people spend too much time at the gym often because they’re either taking long breaks in between sets or chatting with buddies. For the sake of your body and schedule, have a proper plan before hitting the gym and avoid taking long breaks.

Bad form

Proper form is super essential if you want to see the changes you desire. Practicing with bad form can totally change the muscle group you are working and in worse cases injure your muscles. If you have no idea how to perform a certain exercise, don’t be afraid to ask that be sure not to be duped by the ‘know-it-alls’ in the gym.

Ignoring to keep track of progress

It is important to note down your progress so you don’t end up stagnating at one point. Once you keep a log, you will be able to know which muscles you need to work more than others, and whether or not you should be progressing to more intense exercises.

Not lifting heavy enough

Once your body gets used to the same type of routine, you end up stagnating.  If you want to see results you need to shock your muscles and fibres and promote the growth hormone production.To do this you need to focus on both strength and endurance. This means mixing both sets of 12 reps, with heavier lifts and lower reps. Lifting heavier will not make you big and bulky but instead it will promote muscle development and fat burning- when performing an all over body workout.

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