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  • Nicki Minaj Goes Gospel.

Grammy award-winning gospel singer Tasha Cobbs has been receiving more than enough backlash for this “ungodly” collaboration but guess what? She paid no mind to all the critics & she’s “getting ready for overflow” sure as hell bringing Trinidad rapper Onika Tanya Maraj, aka Nicki Minaj with her on the recently released “I’m getting ready” track.

I bet you’re wondering Nicki Minaj gone gospel? Well, here’s what she raps about in the song:

“Yo, aye yo, beach house vibes maneuver the jetski
‘Cause-’cause I serve the God that parted the red sea
Multi-million dollars commercials for Pepsi
From food-stamps to more ice than Gretzky
I don’t gotta talk the Lord defends me
I watch them all fall for going against me
‘Cause me and all my angels shot the devil up
While you was trying to pull me down I levelled up
I levelled up twice, I levelled up three times

He tapped ’em and told ’em “she’s mine”
So even when I cried I knew I’d be fine
Prepare for a miracle blessing in these times
Now praise Him, raise Him, name it, claim it
Every tongue that rises up against me, shame it
I breathe success in and out my lungs

I got the power of life and death coming out of my tongue


The track is off Tasha’s 4th album: Heart, Passion, Pursuit.

The 8 minute song has sparked the “secular + gospel collabo” debate once again online with some saying that the gospel singer will be fully accountable for the souls lost after listening to Nicki, while others of a different opinion say that it will minister to non Christians.

Some have added that both artistes are being hypocritical and that some of the blessings Nicki is rapping about could as well be from the devil. (Ouch!)

In her defense, Tasha recently told Essence that “I’ve seen the Nicki that is off the stage and that Nicki has a great relationship with God,” “My assignment with this song was for a particular audience. Some [of the listeners] have never experienced God ever and she exposed that audience in her way, to the God that she loves.”

She added,“This is not an assignment that man gave to me. This is an assignment that God gave to me, and He prepared the way for me, as only God could.”

She also said that she has received many testimonies from people who never believed in God till they listened to the collab.

When all is said and done, one thing for sure is that this song will present Tasha Cobbs Leonard to a whole new audience.

Listen to the song below”:




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