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  • Fit Tuesday: How To Survive Being A Newbie At The Gym

We all remember our first day at the gym.You probably sheepishly wandered from machine to machine, doing a set of this, 10 reps of that… until in the end you just opted to quit. The strong sense that you don’t belong and the overwhelming amount of confusion all wrapped up into one would make anyone quit on the first day.

There’s really nothing wrong about being a newbie. To change your body and see incredible results, you have to start somewhere. The truth is, you’ll make many mistakes that might slow down your process but fret not. Read on for six the best ways to avoid looking like a newbie and improving your gym experience.

It’s all in your head

You should always remember this, no one really cares about you. Everybody else is also self-conscious of how they look in the gym.  They’re way too concerned with how they look in a mirror to notice you .If you’re afraid that people are judging you because you’re out of shape, a couple of my friends at the gym have told me they love seeing someone out of weight trying their hardest. It shows effort and guess what, people will be willing to help you out when they see how hard you’re trying.

Avoid wardrobe malfunction

This is equally as important. If you want to feel comfortable at the gym, you’ve got to dress the part. Well-fitted clothing will boost your confidence and make you less self-conscious. If you’re worried about sweat stains, it’s easy, just wear all black!

Have a plan

One mistake I made on my first day at the gym was going in there without a plan. I ended up wasting a lot of time trying to figure out where to start and what equipment to use. Draft a plan before hitting the gym. Make sure it matches what exactly you want to achieve in the long run and most importantly on that day. You can get the gym instructor to help you out in this in case you have no idea how to.

Be approachable

Be social with other gym members. It’s the easiest way to get gym buddies who will motivate you without necessarily having to ask them. However, don’t go bothering people that are already working out or inundating strangers with questions. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you d not know how to use a certain equipment or how to do a certain workout properly, simply ask. You’ve got to know the right people to ask though as some may mislead you or even put you down. Yes, there are such people at the gym too!

Work in as you workout

‘Working in’ simply means that letting someone else use a piece of equipment while you rest between sets. Not only is it a great way to make friends but also offers a sense of motivation.





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