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  • How To Ensure Your Vote Counts #KenyaDecides

Come tomorrow you (the eligible voter) will be issued 6 ballot papers once you are inside the voting room.

Each ballot paper has a color that coincides the ballot box you will be dropping it into:

Black: Presidential ballot paper

Green: Parliamentary ballot (MP)

Beige: County assembly ward (MCA)

Yellow: Senatorial

Purple: County woman rep

Blue: Governor

See the sample below:


What you (the eligible voter) should also take care of is how you mark your ballot paper to avoid it being regarded to as spoiled vote; refer to the image below:

How to Mark a Ballot Paper  Poster copy

Ensure that your mark does not go outside the box. It can only either be your finger print, a tick or an X not a hashtag, not a smiley and certainly not a dot.

There will also be a pen provided for you inside the voting booth so you need not worry if you dont have one during the process.

In case you make a mistake, you are only allowed two more “fresh” ballot papers so feel free to ask for a fresh ballot paper if you make a mistake on one in order to make your vote count.


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