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  • The Nokia 3310 Officially Back! Here’s The Price

Guys, let’s step back 10 years in the past.

Remember the Nokia 3310, the tiny phone that could easily run on one recharge for a full week? Well, it’s officially back.

The much-anticipated gadget sold out just hours after its release in many markets such as Finland, India and UK.

Clearly, as much as the world may have moved on to Apple and Android phones, the reliability and durability of the Nokia 3310 was duly missed.

It’s not exactly as it was before but everyone’s favourite ‘Snake’ game is still there but in a more improved version. It also comes with a camera and edge internet just so you could be in the present but still step back a decade. 

Nokia 3310 is now available in Kenya for Sh 5,299. If you get your hands on one, be sure to share a pic with us @homeboyzradio.


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