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  • Thirsty Thursday:8 Tips On How To Pick Up A Girl At A Club

The weekend is almost here. You’ll go out with your buddies hoping to get lucky. The club is probably one of the places most conducive places to pick up a lady. Most likely, a lady at a club expects to be hit on, so she won’t be totally averse to it. The ambiance, lighting and the mood that comes with alcohol may make it perfect for you to score but there are a million ways you could blow it. For you not to end up alone and disappointed, here are 10 tips on how to pick up a girl at a club:

1. Select the perfect sitting spot

Pick a spot that is centrally located. Make sure it’s not in a corner, where visibility, both in terms of seeing and being seen, is poor. You really don’t want to have to walk from one end of the room to another when you see a girl you like. The bar could be a great spot since you’ll get a view of the club as well as make it easier for you to buy a drink for the girl you pick out.

2. Pick your target

There are usually many pretty ladies in a club but you need to zero into one. You could like a girl who is in a group of other ladies, which is fine, but it could be much difficult for you to score by the end of the night. We girls like to take care of each other during a night out so you might want to pick a girl with at least one friend in her company.

3. Start showing interest

You need to have observed the girl (discretely of course) before approaching her so you get to learn a bit about her, which could be a great conversation point. Throw her little glances and quick smiles every now and then to show that you are interested. Be sure to gauge her reaction so you don’t end up making a fool out of yourself when she turns you down.

4. Remember you have competition

In the club, you have a lot of competition. Almost every guy is there to score and most likely, another man has been eyeing the same girl you have been. Don’t take too long to approach her or sit around waiting for her to come to you. She might not respond the way you might have expected but it never really hurts to try.

5. Be entertaining

Behave like a perfect gentleman. Don’t be too much in her space, keep eye contact, make her laugh but don’t try too hard to be funny. Ladies like to be listened to, so pay attention to her and let the conversation revolve around her while at the same time revealing bits about yourself. The way you express yourself will really determine whether or not you will get her number or better yet, take her home. 

6. Offer to buy her a drink

This should NOT be your pick up line. Engage in a light conversation before offering to buy her a drink. This way, you will be able to gauge whether or not she’s interested before spending your money on her.  It is a good time to use innuendo to see how she reacts. You could ask her if she likes ‘quickies’ hastening to add that you’re only talking about tequila shots. The key is to set a light mood without making her feel cheap.

7. Ask her to dance

If you notice her enjoying a particular song, ask her to dance. Keep your distance though. You don’t want to be all up in her space. Also, avoid talking too much and just enjoy the music.

8. Make your final move

After spending most of the night having fun, chatting and basically having a good time, ask for her number. Note that not most girls prefer when a guy asks her to go home with him. It can be a total turn off. Take it slow, first ask for her number, or if you could take her out for a date. If you’re really lucky, she might be the one suggesting to go to her place or yours!



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