Common Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Relationship

Relationships aren’t easy. There’s so much that can go wrong, but so many great things when they go right. Whether you’re already in a relationship, just starting out or merely have your eye on someone special, it’s important to avoid the most common pitfalls that ruin relationships. Here are some common mistakes people make in relationships that you should avoid:

Trying to change your partner

If you fell in love with them, then you should’ve been ready to deal with those flaws. Most people believe that their partner will change just because they love you, which is false, at least most of the time. They could change just to please you but very often, they become resentful. When you try to change them they feel you don’t really love them for who they are.

Communication failure

Communication is an important aspect of a healthy relationship. Believing that your partner should read your mind and know how you feel or what you need without communicating clearly is just wrong. This is a common mistake especially with us ladies. You may feel like you’ve communicated and repeated yourself a thousand times but that doesn’t mean you get mad when your partner doesn’t realize what is going on. Communicate. It’s that simple.

Losing yourself

People tend to lose themselves in relationships, which makes sense since you always feel the need to spend time with your partner. This is not healthy, at all! You will most likely get bored of each other very quickly. Do your own thing once in a while and give your partner some space.

Getting lazy with affection and romance

When people have been in a relationship for too long, they tend to get too fond of each other and overlook certain things such as being affectionate. The moment this happens, you will begin to drift far and far apart and worst case scenario end up being repulsive to each other.

Depending on each other too much

You depend on him/her for everything, from paying bills to driving you wherever you want to go. If you’re completely dependant on your partner, what happens when you two break up? Will your life be on a hold? 


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