KFCB Maintains Ban On Killer Games

The Kenya Film and Classification Board maintains that the ban on the controversial “Blue Whale Challenge” is in force, with a reported case of a teenage death in Nairobi, induced by the game.

Chief Executive Officer Ezekiel Mutua says the board has established that there are several harmful games and illegal websites in Kenya run by foreigners bent on spreading vices such as homosexuality and promoting radicalization. These games and websites are shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Mutua says the board is investigating programs such as “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix and games like “Grand Auto Theft” on play station, “A Silent House”, “A Sea Of Whale” and “Wake Me Up at 2:40AM”.

Mutua cautioned foreigners using online platforms to cause harm to children and every internet service providers to comply to the laws of land or face deportation.

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Ngina k.

Social Media Strategist and Website Content Editor

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