8 Things To Do When You’re Stuck In Traffic

We’ve all been stuck in traffic at one point in time, or even everyday for most of us. Must admit, sitting bumper to bumper can get pretty depressing/maddening/homicidal-inducing, so you need to distract yourself to get through it. Here are a few ideas on what you could do when you’re stuck in traffic:

Read a book

So much information is flung at us from an endless parade of shiny screens every day, it is easy to go weeks without reading something of substance. You’ve been saying you wish you had the time to read, well welcome to the wonderful world of audio books.

Sing out loud

It’s already annoying enough that you’ve been stuck at one place for more than an hour so you might as well let it all out. Blast your favorite music and sing along out loud without a care in the world.

Do your make up

You might have left home in a hurry just to beat the same traffic that you’re stuck in. This is the perfect time to do your make-up, fix your hair or do your nails. After all, it means you get to sleep at least 20 minutes longer.

Indulge in the voice memo madness

Most phones come with voice memo tools and if you don’t have one, you can simply download it. It’s super fun to sit and babble out loud to yourself about things you have to do, places you want go or work ideas. You never know, all those ideas might come in handy someday.

Learn a new language

We’re back to the audio books here, but even if you’re not paying too much attention, playing a language learning CD in your car (or tape, if your car is oldschool) can still find its way into your head and you’ll be randomly knocking off foreign phrases in no time.

Make a friend

Get to know the person in the next car. Wind down your window and start a random conversation and you never know, you might get to meet the love of your life..lol.

Organize your Calendar:

The best utilization of this time is to get organized for your upcoming week, plan your things, and place them on the calendar accordingly. This is where voice memos come in handy.

Get online and explore

This is a good time to find out what’s happening in the world and also catch up with your online friends.


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