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  • Fast and Furious 8 Sets Record at Imax Kenya

Fast & Furious 8 (known in the US as The Fate of the Furious) premiered at Imax Kenya Mama Ngina street on Friday 14th with a massive turn out.



The Chris Morgan directed film that has not only been the talk of the town but also of the world in general, has been screening since Friday morning and the crowds that have been showing up clearly prove how eagerly folks have been waiting for its release.  

The action film (which has broken Global Box Office Record Read here ) is nothing short of family drama, cyber-terrorism and adrenaline packed.

Speaking of records, it has also broken IMAX records in Kenya with 2,000 fans watching it in every installment of play.

This eighth installment begins with a car race between a turbo-boosted Cuban loan shark and Dominick Toretto (Dom) (Vin Diesel) in a clown car. Dom wins the race, driving backwards and without brakes!

Remember the famous Vin Diesel quote “You never give up on family?” well, Dom is not too keen to consider that and turning his back he sure did. 

Not to be biased but I feel that between Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson, (three of the shiniest, baldest men in Hollywood) Statham (who is now a good guy by the way) just brought life to the movie.

How he and Dwayne just keep on butting bald heads creates an absolutely gripping tension that just keeps you glued.

Also expect (if you haven’t watched it yet) amazing special effects; cars leaping from skyscrapers without any dents and folk escaping car explosions unscathed.     

Of course there is doom there is terror and it has a name: Charlize Theron.

Now before I go and spoil it for you how about you go experience it at Imax and find out why everyone has been creating a buzz about it. One thing for sure; expect surprises.





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