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  • Watch King Kaka’s Fans React

We have heard of fans who do the craziest of things for their celebrities or upon meeting their celebrities, Lady Gaga must have  the craziest of them all! 

From those who stalk her ceaselessly & dress like her to those who camp outside her house “the little monsters” have a lot of monsterlove for Gaga.

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Remember the drake fan who tattooed rapper Drakes name on her forehead? Girl must have been out to prove that love hurts, ouch!

Now, what would you do for your favorite celebrity? And say you met them face to face how would you react?

A couple of King Kaka fans could not hide their extreme delight upon seeing the Senzenina rapper during his Mr. 254 tour.

They were in tears, proclaiming their love for Kaka over and over; even surprising and confusing the rapper for a moment; who eventually accepted to take pictures with them.

Though most of the folks who’ve watched the video have termed the fans reactions as substance abuse; the rapper took to Instagram to appreciate the ladies for the love; urging them to stay in school.

kaka reacts

Watch the video and read the comments below:



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