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  • Here are the 10 best ever Panenkas

10.Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal vs Burnley, 2017
This is due to the circumstances this penalty was taken in. Arsenal almost won the match by the end of regular time but Burnley were awarded a penalty leaving the Gunners’ hopes of going top position hanging on the balance.


  1. Ronaldinho, PSG v Benfica, 2002

But of course everyone loved to see Gaucho do one of his football cheekiest skills.

RONALDINHO - Football - Paris saint germain / Marseille- L1 - 26.10.2002 - Foot - PSG / OM- hauteur attitude  joie

  1. Thierry Henry, Arsenal v Newcastle, 2003

Arsenal were drawing 2-2 with Newcastle in the early part of their infamous Invincibles season but Henry won the match in beautifully impudent style.

The ball went exactly where Shay Given had been standing seconds beforehand.


  1. Sebastian Abreu, Uruguay v Ghana, 2010

The decisive penalty in a World Cup quarter-final shoot-out is a hell of a time to pull out a Panenka.


  1. Sergio Ramos, Spain v Portugal, 2012

Doubly brilliant because Ramos is a defender, and thus shouldn’t have even been thinking about trying something so outrageous. Remember this was during a European Championship semi-final shoot-out.


  1. Alexis Sanchez, Chile v Argentina, 2015

It was far from the best execution – this effort virtually dribbled over the line – but this was a Panenka TO WIN THE COPA AMERICA.



  1. Lionel Messi, Barcelona v Getafe, 2015

“The execution was the best I’ve ever seen – not too powerful, central, good elevation,” Said Antonin Panenka – the man who invented the technique


  1. Zinedine Zidane, France vs Italy, 2006

The setting? The World Cup Final, the best player in the world (Zidane), the best goalkeeper in the world (Buffon).

The technique? Flirting with disaster by chipping it in OFF THE BAR, and making every football on Earth hold their breath as the ball only just bounces over the line.

The result? Footballing perfection.


  1. Andrea Pirlo, Italy vs England, 2012

The coolest man in football, scoring the coolest goal imaginable.


  1. Antonin Panenka, Czechoslovakia vs West Germany, 1976

By definition, the original – the daring, innovative penalty in the 1976 European Championship final after which all future chipped spot-kicks would be named – has to be the best.




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