The X-Factor still facing harsh criticism over Honey G the ‘rap killer’

Have you met Honey G?

Well then please watch her audition on the show X-factor, before any further introduction.

Real name Anna Georgette Gilford, she is 35 years old and hails from north west London (or North wheezy as she puts it). By day she runs an IT recruitment firm, but by night her rapper alter ago Honey G comes out to play and yes she did make through to live shows after being brought back as a wild card.

Her IT firm is reportedly not doing so well so she really hopes that her time on the X Factor will boost her profile enough for her to launch a career as a rap and recording artist.

However, her being on the live shows has not been taken positively by many X factor fans who believe she is a serious joke, many have even gone on you tube and social media platforms to express their disappointment and rage; further vowing not to devotedly watch the show as they’ve done prior but to only follow some of their favorite acts.

A host of celebrities have lined up to attack the contestant as “ridiculous” and a “joke”, with Boy George, rapper Proffessor Green, and Simon Cowell’s best pal Sinnita among the harshest critics.

You will not believe who is the one rapper, who thinks Honey –G is the, who you ask, well 50 cent has been in absolute praise of the rapper who by the way, has been receiving death threats via social media.

50 cent’s endorsement got the North wheezy rapper very excited saying “I’m so excited that he’s backed me and he’s basically come out and said that I’m good for the hip hop game.”

Honey G (who does have a number of fans by the way) says that she is definitely the next Jay Z, the realest in the game and she hopes that her time on X- factor will get her a love mate.

Those who know her well say that she appears to have had a complete personality transplant but you know what? she might as well be good business for the X-factor cause you know what they say; there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Here is one of her latest performances on the show-a round of applause for the choreography please!

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