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  • Talented Football Stars Feted By The Hub At The KYSA

Football is more than a pastime for many young people in Kenya – male or female. Thousands spend weekends and weekday evenings within their communities kicking a ball about – socializing, building friendships and uplifting their communities.

However there are barriers preventing many who exhibit talent and drive to take their passions further. Enter a partnership between The Hub Karen and the Karengata Youth Soccer Academy, that has been working towards extending support to the neighboring community – and not just in a material way, but through mentor ship programs that look to build and develop further skills that young people will find necessary in the years to come.


KYSA students strike a pose at The Hub

The partnership between the two will give access to students at the academy, public figures who can not only share their experiences with them, but also work towards helping them achieve actual goals both on and off the pitch.

Select players who excel will be given the chance to engage in apprenticeships within The Hub – allowing them the opportunity to gain crucial work experience ahead of their entrance into the job market.


Community Organiser Tom Mboya receives donations

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