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  • SHOE BOSS: 254 Location Stocking The Latest Reeboks

It’s not always easy to the get the latest in footwear in Nairobi without a credit card and the internet. However shopping online can be out of reach for many – add to that the cost of taxation, which can blow up the price of any item ordered by almost double!

Which is why we are extremely excited that Deacons Kenya has opened up a Reebok store at The Hub in Karen to cater to Nairobi’s trend setters.

Reebok store

According to the Deacons CEO MuchiriWahome, the store is looking to offer customers a brand new experience –adding freshness and diversity.

And while you pick up some new kicks, check out Bossini, also at The Hub. It’s the fifth store opened since the launch of the brand in Kenya in December and offers casual wear that is easy to pair up for easy style that suits men, women and kids alike.

Reebok store 2

Reebok was acquired by Adidas worldwide in 2005 and its brand focuses on helping its customers fulfil their potential and be fit for life.

Deacons has a massive 31 different outlets across the East African region.

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